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Medsept Plus

Medsept Plus is a ready to use solution thanks to the high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate which is used for healing and regenerating inflamed or traumatized gums and/or oral mucosa. The product composition leads to the creation of a barrier against mechanical irritation, microorganism and harmful substances.

Medsept Plus is tolerated easily by the body. Because the hyaluronic acid is a natural component and synthesized by the body. There have been no reports of intolerance to Medsept Plus.

Product Properties

Medsept Plus which is designed for prophylaxis, regeneration and symptomatic relief for inflamed and traumatized tissue in the area of oral cavity is a mouthwash with hyaluronic acid. Thanks tothe high molecular weight hyaluronic acid it contains, it creates a barrier against harmful bacteria and microorganisms and accelerates the wound healing process. That is why it can also be used after the distal surgery. Hyaluronic acid reliefs in a dry mouth by covering the tissue with a moisture protection barrier. It is an ideal oral rinse solution for professional cleaning, gingival problems and prevents of aphthae and bad breath. The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides long-term local effect and optimum permanent protection in the mouth.

  • Helps to the healing of the traumatized tissue.
  • It is indicated for inflammatory gums prophylactically.
  • Prevents periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, stomatitis, bleeding gums, gingival pockets, receding gums.
  • Helps to reduce plaque formation.
  • Provides a relief in a dry mouth by covering the tissue with a moisture protection barrier.
  • Prevents bad breath.