Sterile Amorphous Hydrogel

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LUBRASORB, is a Sterile Amorphous Hydrogel, helps to wound treatment, supporting natural autolytic debridement and provides a moist wound healing environment. Hyrdogel creates a moist environment in wound surface. Thus, it helpful to removes the non-viable tissue, facilitating the debridement of dry necrotic tissue and lightly-exuding wounds and helps the wound heal. It provides removal of dry necrotic tissue and lightly-exuding tissue, especially in deep wounds. LUBRASORB nourishes with moisture to the wound, and provides softening and moistening of necrotic tissues. Thus, it facilitates the removal of devitalized tissue. It absorbes exudates in lightly-exuding wounds. Thus, exudate, necrotic tissue and other non-viable tissue are removed from the wound in low exuding wounds with changing the wound dressing. Hydrogel, removal from wound, provides healing of deep and superficial wounds by supporting natural debridement. It is non-adhesive and does not damage when removed form the wound.



Hydrogel is suitable for treatment of arterial and venous ulcers, diabetic leg ulcers, pressure ulcer, superficial and partial burns (1. ve 2. degree), cuts and abrasions, post-operative surgical wounds, excoriated skin wounds, amputations, fungating ulcer and dry necrotic tissue or lightly-exuding wounds.

Content of hydrogel;

  • Purified water
  • Propylene glycol
  • Carboxymethyl cellulose polymer



LUBRASORB sterile amorphous hydrogel is implementation to the wound;

  • Cleanse the wound with 0.9 % sterile saline solution.
  • Open the package containing product where indicated and remove syringe.
  • Remove protective cap of product from syringe.
  • Keeping to syringe tip from the wound, gently squeeze the syringe, and apply gel to whole wound, to depth of about 5 mm.
  • The wound is closed by a suitable secondary dressing.


Note: LUBRASORB should be used with care in deep wounds based around the eyes and narrow opening. It should be used with care in body cavities where it is difficult to remove of the gel.


LUBRASORB sterile amorphous hydrogel is cleaning from the wound;

  • LUBRASORB removes from the wound by rinsing with 0.9 % sterile saline solution.
  • LUBRASORB may be left in place for up to 3 days as depending on the condition of the wound.
  • Hydrogel must be changed, if wound exudate leakage occors through a secondary dressing.

LUBRASORB is available in 6 mL of amorphous hydrogel in 6 mL syringes, 11 mL of amorphous hydrogel in 11 mL syringes, 15 mL of amorphous hydrogel in 20 mL syringes and 20 mL of amorphous hydrogel in 20 mL syringes. The syringe material is polypropylene. The syringe provides easy application to deep sores.

LSB-006 LUBRASORB 6 mL 25x6 mL/Box
LSB-011 LUBRASORB 11 mL 25x11 mL/Box
LSB-015 LUBRASORB 15 mL 20x15 mL/Box
LSB-020 LUBRASORB 20 mL 20x20 mL/Box